Like many other team, racing is in our blood: the clock ticking, the crowd cheering give us goose bumps. But unlike many other teams, it’s not just about racing, we have a vision :


This spirit goes into all we do. It helps us open our mind, make us push our boundary, go explore and spread our passion.

On a bigger picture we would like to inspire more people to live their passion, follow their dreams and ultimately we want to engage more people to ride MTB.

Why? Because MTB has brought so much positivity in our life that we believe it can bring also so much to every person getting involved in MTB.

We started supporting charity organizations in 2011. Now it is part of our mission to give back to communities that are less fortunate. We are lucky to be living off of our passion and to have amazing partners that gives us a lot of gear every year. We take some of that gear (backpacks, helmets, clothes, bike parts, etc.) and donate it to organization like so that kids can enjoy it. It is our way to give back from a sport that has brought us so much.