Welcome to NS BIKES

We are stoked to announce our new partnership with NS Bikes to form the new NS BIKES UR TEAM.

Wow… This is a big deal for us but from the very beginning we knew that the chemistry was right with these guys!

NS Bikes is all about character. You can say anything about our bikes, but one thing is for sure: they are never boring or normal! That is EXACTLY what we see in the UR team. Each rider has a unique and distinct style, different background and specialty. What’s more, the whole UR package just screams FAST & FUN! This is EXACTLY what NS is all about and this is what really stole our hearts.

Our whole company is honoured to be part of this setup and with all this extra horsepower we know we can get to the next level and continue with our mission of letting the world know how awesome mountain bikes are!

Szymon Kobyliński, NS Bikes founder and CEO
It’s always a big change to ride a new bike for a team. Over the last 12 years our team has ridden small niche bike brands but also bigger factory brands. We already feel right at home with NS Bikes which I think has a perfect balance between great products, professionalism and passionate people. NS also has a right amount of craziness being led by Szymon, the badass owner who is a former Rockstar, Freerider and well rounded racer.

On the product side, NS Bikes are already known to make the most reliable bikes in the industry and we are going to work closely together to try to make those bikes even faster.

We are going to get inspired by their motto “Stay true” and keep working hard to have a positive impact in what we do for our riders, our partners, our sports and our environment.

Fabien Cousinié, Team Manager and Rider
Most people won’t know that NS was my dream sponsor when I was growing up. I remember emailing them and asking when I was young, and who would have thought we could make it happen all these years later! It’s awesome to be riding for such a brand so true to its roots and the mtb scene. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with this legendary brand!
Sam Reynolds
I’m excited for the 2021 season. This is my 20th pro season which is a huge personal achievement and It feels good to know it’ll be supported by such a cool brand like NS Bikes. Out of the box the bikes are really fast and the company is as motivated as we are at UR Team to reach the podiums and have fun sharing the ride.
Mick Hannah
Going into 2021 working alongside the UR team and NS bikes feels refreshing to start my new goals that I have in many new disciplines and the Freeride roots of the brand suits me perfectly. I felt comfortable on my new bikes from the first corner, they look so good! I can’t wait to tell you more about this year’s new projects.
Tracey Hannah
Super stoked to be riding with the UR team again this year and to start an exciting new venture with NS Bikes. My first ride on the Fuzz 29 was at this shoot and I felt right at home from the off, got me buzzin’ for more hours on it! The whole team really welcomed me into the family last year and I’m looking forward to chasing podiums and making some loose videos, Baby let’s goo! 😀
Joe Breeden
This year I’ll turn 13 and I’ll be old enough to do a lot more races and I’m so excited to ride for NS Bikes. It’s a super cool brand, I love their bikes and I’m ready to send it!
Vinci Vodan

As we speak we are training, testing, preparing some cool media projects and soon we will give you more news of our new race program, CO2 neutral actions, full sponsors lineup and hopefully another ridiculous team launch video!