World champ Cairns

Hello Everyone,

It has been a roller coaster of emotions for us today at the World Championships!

It has started with the huge crash of Tracey in her race run, she miraculously got back up after being knocked out and then showed her incredible motivation to finish 3rd not even 2 seconds behind the winning time which is a totally unreal performance!

Then we were all stressfully and intensely watching Mick racing on this very slippery track.
We saw Mick executing one of the best runs of his career staying smooth and fast and destroying the best time and creating one of the most emotional and electric vibes ever seen at a finish line.
From that moment we all started dreaming loud and we never felt so close from the goal until Loic Bruni from France, former elite world champ, beat Mick for just 0.3 seconds.
After the last rider came down it was a deja vu feeling with Mick getting the 2nd place and the silver medal.
Despite this roller coaster of emotions and now that the dust has settled we are all having our spirit high for many reasons.
First of all, because everyone gave absolutely everything they had, we have no regrets.
Because there was no doubt that Mick and Tracey are the people champions not just here in Australia but around the world!
Then no matter what the results, the emotions that we lived are priceless and we are grateful for it.
We also have the fastest mountain bike family on earth with these 2 awesome medals of the Hannah’s.
And finally, we will extend our lead at the UCI team ranking and still be #1 UCI DH Team which confirms us that this is the best season of our team history.
So, in the end, we are super proud of everyone, starting with Mick and Tracey that are now even more absolutely legends of our sports, we are super proud too of everyone involved, our hard working staff, the Hannah’s familly, their friends and their awesome local staff coach, physio, technical advisors.
Of course, we are proud of all our sponsors with who we have pushed so far the performance of our bikes and with who we are also super proud to make history with their products.
Thanks, everyone we will follow up shortly with more news and videos.
For the future don’t count us out, we will be back stronger than ever!